John 4 : 23-24

Call to worship in dubai

Living Water

John 7 : 38

& Filled with Holy Spirit

Acts 2 : 4

Call to worship



Call to worship

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Call to worship


John 4 : 23 – 24

Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks. God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.

CALL TO WORSHIP MINISTRIE’S Vision and Purpose go hand and hand with one another. Here at Call to worship God has given us a clear direction for this house and when we get behind and serve, we can be the hands and feet of Jesus and help bring this vision to life. Take time and read through the vision and decide how you can be a part of what God is doing at CALL TO WORSHIP.

Call to worship event
  • We see CHRIST as preeminent and people as priority.  
  • A non-denomination community expressing love, toward God through vibrant acts of worship, intentional acts of community, purposeful acts of generosity, and continual acts of selflessness. What is God’s Purpose for our lives?
  • A church that loves ferociously, seeing the value of the human soul as paramount.  
  • A church of transformed lives that are the calling card of the God we endeavor to introduce people to.  
  • Relentless is a multicultural, multigenerational, intentionally diverse body of believers, unlocking our gifts to be the hands and feet of Jesus to a lost and dying world 
  • We seek to introduce people to Jesus in such a way that they don’t want to live their lives without Him. 
  • CALL TO WORSHIP MINISTRIES has a vision to contribute towards the community by establishing schools, old-age homes, feeding programs, crisis relief, and hospital care. For years, this ministry has locally provided food, clothing, shelter, education, and religious training for thousands and now is the time to spread out and to reach the un-reached.



One God We believe in One, True and Loving God who has revealed Himself in the Bible as One Being in three distinct persons – God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, who is eternal, self-existent and self-sufficient; Creator, Provider and Preserver of all things visible and invisible.

The Lord Jesus Christ – God in Flesh
We believe in Jesus Christ, the second Person of the Holy Trinity, the only begotten Son of God, the Father, His divinity, His humanity, His virgin birth by the power of the Holy Spirit, His sinless, holy life, His Words and His Blood shed for our salvation, His miracles, healings, signs, wonders, suffering, death on the cross and His bodily resurrection from the dead, His ascension to the Father in heaven. We believe He, in all glory is seated at the right hand of the Father. He is our one and only mediator and interceding High Priest forever.

The Holy Spirit

We believe in the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Triune Godhead, who proceeds from the Father and the Son; to lead us and guide us in all truth, love and power.

God’s Holy Word

We believe that the Bible containing the Old Testament and the New Testament (consisting of 66 books) in their original script is the only infallible, inerrant, authoritative, and living Word written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

The Fall of Man

We believe that man was made in the image and likeness of God with a free will to respond to God his Creator, but he willfully disobeyed God’s Word, and hence, was separated from God.


We believe Salvation is God’s free gift to all mankind. By the grace and mercy of God, we are saved through faith in Christ Jesus. We believe that everyone who repents of his or her sins, believes in the salvation words and deeds of Jesus Christ, is born again, and is made alive by the in-dwelling presence and power of the Holy Spirit.

The Shed Blood of Jesus Christ

We believe that forgiveness and remission of sins for the whole world is by and through the blood of Jesus Christ: the eternal High Priest who offered Himself as the perfect sacrifice of atonement for the sins of the world, once and for all, and sat at the right hand of the Father.

Water Baptism

We believe in Baptism by single immersion in water, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, for all believers.

Baptism in Holy Spirit and Fire

We believe that every believer is required to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, as promised by our Lord, to live a victorious life and to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

The Church (The Bride of our Lord)

We believe Church is the “Body of Christ” consisting of those who are born again and that Jesus Christ is the Head of the Church.

Holy Spirit Gifts and Power

We believe that the Church should function in all nine supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit and the Five Grace Ministry Gifts mentioned in the Bible. 1 Corinthians 12:1-13 / Ephesians 4:11

The Lord’s Supper

We believe in the Lord’s Supper when we gather in one-ness of love washed by His shed Blood.

Divine Healing, Wholeness, Long Life in Abundance

We believe in the truth of the written Word, that healing and wholeness comes by the atoning work of Christ. And God confirms His Word with signs, wonders and miracles by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Rapture in Mid-Air and The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

We believe in the Rapture of the church as the bride, in mid-air and the subsequent visible return of Jesus Christ, after the seven years of tribulation. His reign upon earth, the eternal punishment of the wicked, the new heaven and new earth where we will be united with God to live with Him in glory, righteousness, peace and joy for all eternity, in our Father’s Mansions.


Heavenly Father,

We come before you with hearts filled with gratitude, awe, and reverence. We stand on the promises of Your Word, knowing that every word spoken is true and unchanging. Your promises are our foundation, our strength, and our hope. Lord, as we gather on this website seeking Your presence, we invite the fire of the Holy Spirit to consume us, ignite our faith, and illuminate our hearts.

We declare the promises of Psalm 119:105, that Your Word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path. In the journey of life, guide us, Lord, that we may walk in the radiance of Your truth. May the promises of Psalm 23 comfort us, knowing that You are our shepherd, and in You, we lack nothing.

Father, we stand on the promise of Jeremiah 29:11, that You have plans to prosper us and not to harm us, plans to give us hope and a future. We trust in Your divine plan, and we surrender our lives to Your perfect will. Fill us with Your wisdom and understanding.

We pray all of this in the powerful name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, Savior, and Redeemer.

Lord, as anyone who explore this website, let it be a virtual sanctuary where Your presence dwells. May the fire of the Holy Spirit ignite conversations, illuminate minds, and transform lives. Let Your Word be a living force, and may the testimonies shared be a testament to Your mighty works.

We claim the promise of Isaiah 40:31, that those who hope in You will renew their strength. As we navigate the challenges of life, renew our strength, O Lord. May our hope in You be a testimony to Your faithfulness.In moments of weakness, we hold onto the promise of 2 Corinthians 12:9, that Your grace is sufficient for us, and Your power is made perfect in weakness. Empower us, O God, with Your grace, and let Your strength be displayed in our lives.

Lord, we invite the fire of the Holy Spirit to burn away any doubt, fear, or uncertainty. Set our hearts ablaze with a passion for Your Kingdom. Let the flame of Your Spirit refine us, shaping us into vessels of honor for Your glory.


Adeel Abid Pace

Senior Pastor & Founder

Call To Worship Ministries

UAE & Pakistan

CALL TO WORSHIP is an intercessory prayer group that is committed to pray for the completeness of God’s power & purpose. We are actively praying to win the lost, heal the sick, feed the poor, find jobs for unemployed, make disciples, and impact every aspect of society, family, government, economy, etc. Our vision is to work in relationship with the Body of Christ to engage in the Great Commission, as we firmly stand and pray for all nations to glorify His name.