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Ladies Meeting

Call to worship prayer

​Weekly ladies meeting at 9:00 pm ( Watch online every Friday at same time )

Dear Ladies,

Please mark your calendars for our weekly Ladies Meeting – Life, Love and Spirit. We are so excited to welcome you to a Weekly Meeting, to enrich you with Word of God, through our own leaders. Who will share their life experiences and testimonies in order to encourage others and fill them with Life, Love and Spirit.

CALL TO WORSHIP is an intercessory prayer group that is committed to pray for the completeness of God’s power & purpose. We are actively praying to win the lost, heal the sick, feed the poor, find jobs for unemployed, make disciples, and impact every aspect of society, family, government, economy, etc. Our vision is to work in relationship with the Body of Christ to engage in the Great Commission, as we firmly stand and pray for all nations to glorify His name.