Hebrews 6:10 (NIV): God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.
Among the vibrant community of call to worship church there are many unsung heroes whose dedication and commitment helped us to thrive. As a church community we highly appreciate every individual who took a part in the betterment of world.
As a nurturing society and community of belief we appreciate hearts filled with gratitude and love of God. To every dedicated individual who contributed in the noble agendas of call to worship, your work and presence holds a high value in our eyes.empathy and sympathy are the rare attributes, it takes courage and valor to contribute for the betterment of world without expecting any worldly rewards. Serving God and His people by volunteering is a calling, not simply a job. It’s a way to show your love and dedication for them. These volunteers give freely of their time, skills and resources to help others because their hearts are filled with love and compassion. Their ministry shows the love of Christ in real ways, whether it’s by smiling warmly to meet guests, leading worship with genuine commitment, or meticulously planning outreach initiatives.
The volunteer ministry of our church ‘call to worship’ serves a lot of purposes;
People of all walk of life come to our church to find peace and love of God, every person is fighting an unknown battle, war within themselves, fighting against the harsh realities of our world day to day but when they are drained and seek support of Christ, our volunteer ministry welcomes them with a big smile and warm wishes, which soothes their heart and restore their faith in humanity. It gives them a sense of belonging and cherish their hearts with peach and love.
Call to worship often organizes and arrange spiritual events for renewal of soul and act as a bridge between God and our guest for their deeper association, connection of love and loyalty, there are many individuals who volunteer themselves just for the sake of God and love for Christ. Our unsung heroes volunteer their time and energy no matter what, their hearts are filled with gratitude and love of Christ, they are so dedicate that nothing can stop them from service of mankind neither scorching heat of the sun nor darkness of night.
There are many volunteers at call to worship who can’t volunteer their time or energy so rather they invest their money for the noble cause. The Christ blessed his children in many forms some are blessed with knowledge and insights while some are privileged enough to help other. Our savior love us in many ways and blessed us many ways but there only few people who share their blessing with their fellow beings. The community of call to worship highly appreciates individuals who share their fair blessings with other, the heart which is filled with sympathy and empathy of mankind is the heart closer to God.
These volunteers have an enormous influence that goes well beyond the boundaries of our church, affecting people’s lives and bringing hope with them wherever they go. They reflect the love of Christ and shine light into the shadowy areas of our world by their deeds of kindness, compassion and service. Whether it’s providing food for the hungry, offering consolation to the bereaved, or raising the downtrodden, their influence is immense and leaves a lingering legacy of love and change.

As a follower of Jesus Christ who constantly emphasizes selfless service as a key component of discipleship and as an expression of God’s love for people.
Jesus demonstrated by his deeds the importance of helping others. Even though he was the Son of God, Jesus showed humility by doing things like washed his followers’ feet which is an act of service that were usually done by slaves. He came to earth to guide us through words and deeds and now it is our duty to act upon them.
According to the teachings of Jesus Christ, service to God and service to people are the greatest commandments, at call to worship we understand the importance of words spoken by him , his every word and every commands is guideline which lead us to the right path. In the end, Jesus’ life is the best illustration of selfless giving and selfless loving. He healed the ill, fed the hungry, consoled the bereaved and reached out to the outcasts throughout his life. He instructed his followers to serve others with humility and compassion, just as he had been served. Jesus Christ led us with example and served his whole life for the betterment of society even ended up sacrificing himself for the sake of other leaving the message of peace, love and compassion so that his follower his true followers would also lead their life with the hearts filled with empathy for others.
In summary, our whole Christian community and community of call to worship would like to thank every volunteer who worked with us in the past years, every individual who spared his time for serving the creation of God, to every individual who understands their true purpose of life, the world needs more people like you. These people are the true heroes who are walking on the path of Jesus, path of compassion, sympathy and empathy.

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